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Twig light demonstration at Domeabra and Akawli
Twig light demonstration twig light demonstration  in Ghana Twig light demonstration twig light demonstration at Akawli
Twig light inventor, Michael Pugliese, demontrates how the twig light operates at Domeabra, Asante Akim, district Participants at Dormeabra show interest in the twig light A mini-durbar at Akawli, Yilo Krobo district
Twig light being demonstrated at Akawli
Resource mapping for Akawli Resource mapping for Akawli Exposure to the power of IT local alcohol production at Akawli
GlobalResolve/CEESD performs resource mapping for Akawli A resource map for Akawli is expected to assist CEESD site the gel fuel plant Use of ICT was also emphasized during discussions with participants A visit to a local alcohol production plant at Akawli

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