Welcome to CEESD !

The Centre for Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development (CEESD) is a non-for-profit organisation devoted to technologies that offer engineering solutions to global challenges such as climate change, energy poverty, environmental degradation, and pollution on local communities in Ghana and Africa.

We identify problems facing local communities and devise strategies and innovations to solving them. We promote interventions that lead to sustainable development of local communities through capacity building, research and development, volunteerism, and projects on energy, agriculture and environment.

Our specific goals are to:

  • Contribute to the development and dissemination of clean energy solutions in Ghana and Africa through collaborative Research and Development with sister institutions across Africa and beyond;
  • Promote market-oriented businesses in clean energy in rural communities as a way of reducing poverty and rural-urban migration;
  • Promote and develop local capacity in CDM project development in Ghana and Africa;
  • Partner national, regional, and international institutions working in our thematic areas: energy, environment, and sustainable development;
  • Promote energy, environmental- and health-friendly technologies that reduce or eradicate gender poverty; and
  • Advise policy makers on issues regarding clean energy, environmental pollutions, and climate change.

We work in the following areas:

  • Biofuels – Bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas production technology
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic
  • Energy Conversion, Utilization, Efficiency and Policy
  • Environmental Pollution and Sanitation
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Training and Entrepreneurship

Board Members