Bright Amponsem

Field Officer

Bright Amponsem holds both B.Tech and HND in Chemical Engineering from the Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) in Kumasi, Ghana. He is a Field Officer at the Centre for Energy Environment and Sustainable Development (CEESD). He has been involved in projects including Renewable Energy-based mini-grids in remote and isolated areas, Collaborative research on renewable energy technology transfer on biogas and cookstoves, Environmental and social impact assessment, Technical study on biomass energy service to cocoa-growing communities among others. Currently, his research interests are in the areas of Bioenergy and Analytical Instrumentations. He has attended both International and Local conferences on solar energy and biogas technology. In the area of solar energy, the focus has been on photovoltaic system, off-grid and grid connected systems, battery technology and power inverters and solar installation. Besides, He has experience in biogas technology, in areas relating to research and development of biogas industry, sustainability and feasibility studies. Moreover, in the area of Analytical Instrumentations, he has a key interest in operating HPLC and GC for research, studies and experiments.